Pokemon Go Teams Up With Prime Gaming

Pokemon Go has announced a new partnership with Amazon's Prime Gaming. Amazon Prime users will be able to claim bundles of bonus items in Pokemon Go over the next few months, with the first bundle of items available to Prime subscribers starting today. The first set of items will include 30 Poke Balls, five Max Revives, and one Star Piece. The first bundle of items is perfectly timed to take advantage of Pokemon Go's upcoming Community Day event, which takes place on May 21st and features Alolan Geodude. The new items should also benefit Pokemon Go Fest ticket holders as that event will involve a mix of catching Pokemon and battling Pokemon over the weekend of June 4th and June 5th.

Amazon has stated that they have over 200 million Amazon Prime subscribers. This marks one of Pokemon Go's biggest partnerships to date, as eligible players will be getting a continuous stream of items throughout the summer. It's unclear whether the partnership is limited to one set of codes per Amazon Prime account or if multiple Amazon accounts linked together under a single Prime subscription will all receive the benefits. Previous partnerships have included Verizon, Sprint, GameStop, and Starbucks, although those partnerships primarily involved sponsored PokeStops instead of giveaways to subscribers only. 

In order to receive a code, players will first need to go to the Amazon Prime gaming page, and then choose an offer from the page. Once they've followed the instructions on that page, they can either redeem the code from Pokemon Go's in-game shop (for Android users) or via Niantic's webpage (for iOS users.) Note that online code redemptions do not work with Pokemon Go players who use a Pokemon Trainer Club account for their log in. 

As noted before, Pokemon Go will have free bundles for Amazon Prime subscribers every two weeks. Stay tuned to Pokemon Go's social media pages for more details.