Pokemon Go Adds Shiny Rhyhorn for Community Day

Pokemon Go players will have their chance to obtain a Shiny Rhyhorn as part of today's Community Day event. Pokemon Go is hosting its monthly Community Day event this afternoon from 2 PM to 5 PM local time in the Northern Hemisphere and 3 PM to 6 PM in the Southern Hemisphere. Today's event focuses on Rhyhorn, the Ground/Rock-type Pokemon that eventually evolves into the powerful Rhyperior. Although Rhyhorn and its evolutions aren't a big draw to casual fans, the Pokemon is a strong draw for players looking to compete in Pokemon Go's GO Battle League, the competitive PvP league that starts its first season soon.

As part of today's event, Pokemon Go has added the Shiny versions of Rhyhorn and its evolutions to the game. Shiny Pokemon have different colorations than normal Pokemon and are usually quite rare. Rhyhorn has a pale brown/orange shade not dissimilar to sandstone, while Rhydon has a distinctively lighter grey skin color than its normal counterpart. Rhyperior has golden stone on its torso, arms, and head instead of the usual orange rocks. Players should be able to obtain a Shiny Rhyhorn today during today's Community Day, as it has a boosted appearance rate during the event.


Players who evolve a Rhyhorn all the way to Rhyperior will know the move Rock Wrecker, a powerful Charge move that turns Rhyperior into the second-strongest Rock-type Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Because Rock-type Pokemon are handy against a lot of popular Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you'll want to stock up on the Rock Wrecker Rhyperior.

Today's Community Day event takes place either from 2 PM to 5 PM local time or 3 PM to 6 PM local time depending on which hemisphere you live in.