Pokemon Go Gives Players Free Shaymin

Pokemon Go players everywhere are getting a free Shaymin, the Mythical Pokemon previously available during last year's big Pokemon Go Fest event. Shaymin comes in two different "Formes" for players to collect in the mainline Pokemon games, but in this situation, the Pokemon will only be acquirable in its Land Forme where it looks like a grassy hedgehog. This giveaway is part of the Sustainability Week event in Pokemon Go and is live now depending on what region you're playing in, but players will of course have to put in a bit of work if they want to add the Pokemon to their collections.

As a refresher, you can see Shaymin, the Gratitude Pokemon, below in its Land Forme that'll be available in Pokemon Go starting on Thursday. The Grass Pokemon is quite rare considering this is only the second time it's been this accessible to players, and this time, it's much easier to get than before.


How to Get Shaymin in Pokemon Go

To get Shaymin in Pokemon Go now that the event is live in many regions, you'll have to complete some Special Research tasks. This Special Research will be free for everyone as opposed to how Shaymin was implemented in last year's Pokemon Go Fest where players had to purchase a ticket in order to encounter the Pokemon.

"The Special Research story Grass and Gratitude will be available to all Trainers for free starting during Sustainability Week, starting April 20, 2023, 10:00 a.m. local time!" an overview of this event said. "Trainers who complete the Special Research will earn an encounter with the Mythical Pokemon Shaymin."

What Happens If You Caught Shaymin Last Year?

Since this isn't the first time Shaymin has been available, there's a chance that you've already got the Pokemon if you participated in last year's Pokemon Go Fest event. So, what do those players get this time around?

Niantic confirmed in the announcement that even if you already have Shaymin, you'll be able to access this week's Special Research tasks and complete those anyway. In doing so, you'll be able to encounter Shaymin again if you want to try your luck at catching another. There aren't any special rewards or anything like that for those who already had the Pokemon, however.