'Pokemon Go' Adds New Shiny Pokemon, Meltan Special Research for 'Pokemon: Let's Go' Tie-In Event

Pokemon Go has added a new set of research related to the Mythical Pokemon Meltan, along with a [...]

Pokemon Go has added a new set of research related to the Mythical Pokemon Meltan, along with a brand new Shiny Pokemon.

The popular mobile game has launched a brand new event to celebrate the release of Pokemon: Let's Go. All players will have the opportunity to capture the Mythical Pokemon Meltan via a new Special Research quest. The Special Research quest started off with a bit of a glitch, as Pokemon Go developers forgot to add any dialogue or text, but players can get started by spinning some PokeStops or gyms, catching 10 Pokemon, and transferring 5 Pokemon.

In addition to the glitchy Special Research, certain Pokemon originally discovered in the Kanto region will start spawning with more frequency in Pokemon Go between now and November 27th. All of these Pokemon aren't commonly found in Pokemon: Let's Go, so these Pokemon can be caught in Pokemon Go and then transferred to the new game. Specific Pokemon mentioned by Pokemon Go developers in the announcement include Omanyte and Kabuto, but we'll see what other Pokemon also pop up with more regularity soon.

The game is also adding all five current Eevee evolutions as Raid Bosses, along with both Raichu and Alolan Raichu. Players can also obtain Pikachu and Eevee hats for their player avatar via the in-game store.

Finally, players can also find Shiny Magnemite in the wild for the first time. Shiny Pokemon have a different coloration than their non-Shiny counterpart. Assumably, this new Shiny Pokemon was released as it's a Steel-type Pokemon just like Meltan, but we're still searching for a definitive link. Shiny Magnemite has a golden metallic shell instead of its usual steel shell, so this Pokemon won't be too hard to miss.

The new event will run from now to November 27th. Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu and Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee are available now for Nintendo Switch.