Pokemon Go Announces Disappointing July Community Day Details

Starly will be the focus of July's Community Day in Pokemon Go. Niantic announced that the diminutive Normal/Flying-type Pokemon would be the star of next month's Community Day, which will take place on July 17th. Any Staravia evolved into Staraptor will learn the Fast Move Gust, which provides Staraptor with a slight edge when used as a Flying-type attacker in raids. The intent of July's Community Day seems to be to give players a chance to stock up on Flying-type attackers ahead of the arrival of Pheromosa and Buzzwole, two Bug-type Ultra Beasts due to make their debut in Pokemon Go at Pokemon Go Fest live events later this summer. 

The Community Day will continue several other recent Community Day features, including post-event 4-star raids featuring Staravia and a three-hour window to participate in the event. Players will also get a 3x Catch XP bonus, a 2x Catch candy bonus, and an increased chance to collect XL Candy. The event will also likely include a boosted chance to catch a Shiny Starly, which has brown feathers instead of black ones.

While the Starly Community Day seems like a practical choice, many Pokemon Go players feel particularly overwhelmed with the choice. Not only is Starly an incredibly common Pokemon, Staraptor is outclassed by several other Flying-type Pokemon, even by some that aren't Legendary Pokemon. Keeping the 4-Star Raids as a post-event option also seems like a bizarre choice, given that Staravia just doesn't seem like a Pokemon that many players will want to go out of their way to get. Starly doesn't have much of a fanbase, so it seems like this will be a low-effort Community Day for many players. 

The July Community Day will take place on July 17th from 11 AM to 2 PM local time.