Pokemon Go Player Discovers Super Fast Egg-Hatching Exploit

Hatching eggs in Pokemon Go can be a bit of a process, requiring players walk or travel a certain distance prior to the new Pokemon's arrival. However, one player has discovered an interesting glitch in the game that allows them to hatch eggs without even moving! Reddit user Scusie_ recently moved into a high-rise apartment where they are on the 34th floor. For some reason, being at that elevation has caused problems for the game, making it seem like the player is wandering the city. According to the poster, they have been able to hatch 2K eggs in 10 minutes just by sitting on their couch!

Obviously, this exploit isn't going to work for everyone. There might be some extremely dedicated fans willing to relocate for the sake of the game, but it seems pretty unlikely. It's also impossible to say just how high up a player would have to be to get this exploit to work, and if other players in high-rise apartments might have found similar success. Of course, there's also the possibility that Niantic might patch out the exploit in the future. However, players that already live in similar apartment buildings might want to try this for themselves!

Pokemon eggs were first introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver, and have remained a staple of the franchise since. This gameplay aspect has been a fun part of Pokemon Go, and players sometimes will receive bonuses for completing this task as part of Field Research or Special Research. Players can purchase special Incubators in the game's shop that help hatch eggs faster, but those still require the movement of the player to hatch. For now, most Pokemon Go players will just have to settle for hatching eggs the old-fashioned way, while Scusie_ gets a special exploit to go with their brand-new home. All in all, that sounds like a pretty nice perk!

Pokemon Go is available on Android and iOS devices. You can check out our previous coverage of the game right here.

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[H/T: Dexerto]