Pokemon Go: Treecko Sticker Has Jurassic Park Fans Thinking About Sexy Jeff Goldblum

A Pokemon Go sticker has people dreaming about Jeff Goldblum once again. Earlier this year, Pokemon Go added a new sticker function that allows players to send virtual stickers to their friends. These stickers show Pokemon in various poses and with various expressions, and serve as a cute way to send your friends silly messages within the game. One of the best stickers is that of a pensive Treecko sitting in what can only be described as a "come hither" posture, and fans are now pointing out the sticker's similarity to Jeff Goldblum's iconic pose in the movie Jurassic Park.

A viral Reddit post pointed out how Treecko, with its naked body, three toes, and yellow eyes, looks an awful lot like Jeff Goldblum when he (while playing Dr. Ian Malcolm) was laying on a table in the aftermath of a T-Rex attack, his chest exposed and covered with a tantalizing mix of blood and sweat. It certainly brings new context to Treecko's pose - while we thought the Pokemon was simply looking cool, maybe it was actually recovering from a Tyrunt attack.

Y’all see this too right? from r/pokemongo

The Reddit post (which has over 11,300 upvotes so far) has certainly gotten its share of comments, with people commenting about how they refer to the Treecko sticker as "sexy Treecko" or how they feel weird whenever they send the sticker out to anyone who isn't their partner. Others are convinced that the resemblance is intentional, as there's no way that Pokemon Go would put such a provocative sticker in unintentionally.

Personally, it doesn't take much to get us thinking about sexy Jeff Goldblum, so it's no surprise that others will immediately draw the line between a two-tailed gecko with grass powers and the Jurassic Park star. Goldblum is set to resume his role as Ian Malcolm in the next Jurassic World movie, while the Treecko sticker can be found in gifts in Pokemon Go.