Pokemon Home Gets Long Awaited Update Next Week

Pokemon Home's long-awaited update will finally happen early next, bringing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet connectivity to the app at long last. Today, Pokemon announced that maintenance to update Pokemon Home to version 3.0.0 would start on May 29th at 5 PM PT. The app will be down for the maintenance period, which could last up to 6 hours. When the app is updated, players will be able to bring Pokemon from the app into Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and vice versa. Players who log into the app will also get a Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly with their Hidden Ability active. 

Players have been waiting for the Pokemon Home update for months, which will let players add their already optimized Pokemon from past games into Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and help players with their Pokedexes using the more robust GTS function. Players will also be able to add a number of Pokemon from Pokemon Legends: Arceus to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, even though those Pokemon aren't natively available in the latter game. Pokemon Home will also make those Pokemon Legends: Arceus Pokemon compliant with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, giving those Pokemon entirely new movesets and abilities. Of course, players will also be able to transfer and store numerous Pokemon into Pokemon Home permanently, saving those Pokemon for later games or for trades.

The Pokemon Company previously announced that the update would take place on May 24th before quickly recanting that announcement just 24 hours later. During the same day, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet suffered a glitch involving two Paradox Pokemon raids that resulted in all raid events shutting down with no announcement of when the raid events will re-start.  

Pokemon Home is available to download now on the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. The app is free to download but some features require a subscription.