Pokemon: Let's Go Leak Reveals Content Cut from the Nintendo Switch Game

Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! was the first mainline Pokemon game released for [...]

Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go, Eevee! was the first mainline Pokemon game released for the Nintendo Switch, and it brought with it some cool features, most notably compatibility with Pokemon Go. However, it seems that the game nearly received a number of additional features that ended up cut from the final product! An anonymous poster shared leaks for prototypes of the game on 4chan, showing some of the content that didn't make it into the final version. Notably, there are references to things such as Pokemon breeding, an appearance by Red, and an event related to the fossils found in Mt. Moon.

YouTuber LewTwo shared some of those discoveries on Twitter, which can be found in the Tweets embedded below.

As LewTwo points out, the games seemed to have been made easier before release as well, with the levels for some opposing Pokemon being lowered from the prototype. Given the fact that Pokemon: Let's Go was seen as an entry point for newcomers, as well as those introduced to the brand through Pokemon Go, it makes a bit of sense! Some fans weren't happy with the ease of Let's Go, so it would have been interesting to see whether those higher levels would have been more acceptable to longtime fans of the franchise.

It's impossible to say what impact these cut features might have had on the reception to Pokemon: Let's Go, but the game did bring some welcome changes to the series as a whole. The aforementioned compatibility with Pokemon Go was a major change for the series, and one that continues to be expanded on by Niantic and Game Freak. Earlier this year, the two developers made it possible for players to transfer nearly any Pokemon obtained in the mobile game into Pokemon Home. As such, Pokemon: Let's Go's influence on the series as a whole continues to this day!

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