How to Transfer Pokemon from Go to Home

Pokemon Go players can now transfer their Pokemon to Pokemon Home, but it takes a few steps to complete the process. As of this writing, only players at Level 40 are able to make transfers, and they must have the mobile version of Pokemon Home linked to their Nintendo Account. Players can make the transfer on either the mobile or Switch version of Home, but both versions must be linked to the same Nintendo account. Players do not need Nintendo Switch Online or a paid subscription to Pokemon Home to make transfers from Pokemon Go, but players should know that this is a one-way trip; Pokemon cannot be transferred back to the mobile game.

Once players have everything synced up on that end, the next step is making sure that Pokemon Go is linked to the same Nintendo account. Clicking on the Poke Ball icon found in the center of the screen brings up the menu. There, players will find the "settings" tab in the top right-hand corner of the screen. After scrolling all the way down, players will have a number of options to sync their game with. Between "Nintendo Switch" and "Pokemon GO Plus," players will find the Pokemon Home option. Upon clicking on the option, players will be prompted to sign into their Nintendo account. After making sure the name and Support ID match Pokemon Home, players will be all set to begin the process!

To make a transfer, click on Pokemon Home from settings, and select "Send Pokemon." To transfer Pokemon, players will have to use the GO Transporter. To do so requires energy. The Transporter starts out fully charged, and each Pokemon requires a different amount of energy to send. Players can send multiple Pokemon at a time, provided they have enough energy to do so. Once the Transporter has been drained, players can wait it out, or pay to recharge it, using PokeCoins. Charging it costs 1000 PokeCoins, which translates to about $10. Players can also choose to wait a week for it to recharge on its own.

To move these Pokemon into boxes, players must then access Pokemon Home. Upon opening Home, players will be prompted to receive the Pokemon they transferred. Players can then move them into the boxes of their choice. If the player accidentally selects "No," they will be prompted again next time they open Pokemon Home.


It's worth noting that players can save some time and money by carefully selecting which Pokemon they choose to transfer. While players must use the GO Transporter to move Pokemon directly to Home, players can still transfer any of the original 150 Pokemon and their Alolan forms from Go to Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! or Let's Go, Eevee! on Nintendo Switch. For everything else, players will have to use the Transporter.

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