Pokemon Is Getting a Levi's Collection

Levi's is releasing a line of Pokemon-branded clothing, including a denim jacket. Earlier this week, Levi's gave Pokemon fans their first look at an upcoming collaboration with The Pokemon Company to celebrate the franchise's 25th anniversary. Levi's showed off a tease of a new denim jacket featuring Pokemon mixed in with a bright floral print. Eagle-eyed fans spotted other listings (which have since been removed) for the upcoming co-branded apparel line, showing off several pairs of jeans that have a rumored price tag of $148. Levi's previously collaborated with Nintendo to produce a series of Mario products just before that franchise's 35th anniversary. You can check out an early look at the Levi's line of Pokemon apparel below:

The new merchandise is just one of the many big plans the Pokemon Company has to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Earlier this month, The Pokemon Company announced it was working on a music collaboration with pop star Katy Perry. The franchise also has several other cross-promotions with various companies planned, including a Happy Meal promotion with McDonald's. The Pokemon Company will also release several games this year, including the long-awaited New Pokemon Snap and a new Pokemon UNITE MOBA game. A new pair of main series Pokemon games will also likely be released this year, with most insiders and fans pointing to remakes of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Levi's has not announced when the new apparel line will launch, but most fans expect it to occur within the next few weeks. When it does arrive, odds are you'll be able to find it here.


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