Levi's Reveals Mario Denim Collection

Today is March 10th, and that means it's MAR10 Day, a celebration of Nintendo's mustachioed mascot. As such, a number of different retailers have offered discounts on Mario games, and Nintendo has teased an upcoming collaboration with LEGO. However, the day's most fitting tie-in just might be a new product line from Levi's. The clothing company has pulled back the curtain on some of their upcoming Mario-related clothing items, with the most notable being a pair of overalls. Given that the industry icon is known for wearing that particular article of clothing more often than not, it certainly makes sense, and this pair also has some gold coins falling into the pocket, to give them that extra Mario touch.

If overalls aren't really your style, Levi's will also offer a handful of other clothing options, as well. While the Mario imagery is a bit more subdued on the overalls, Levi's takes it to a much higher level with their hooded sweatshirt, top, shorts, and pants. All of these items feature a collage of Mario family characters, such as Peach, Wario, Boo, Koopa Troopa, Yoshi, and more. Finally, the collection will also feature a jean jacket. Levi's has not yet revealed what the front of the jacket looks like, but the back features the Super Mario logo, Bowser's face, a Bullet Bill, and a Boo.

All in all, it's a pretty nice looking collection. Some of the items will likely be on the niche side; not a lot of people can pull off overalls, let alone a pair emblazoned with Mario imagery. That said, it's a look that some diehard fans will probably love. The rest of the collection will assuredly appeal to a wider audience, however. With so many of Nintendo's most familiar characters appearing on the collage items, there's definitely something (or someone) for every Mario fan to enjoy.


The Levi's x Mario collection will go on sale on April 1st. Based on the date, some Twitter users have incorrectly assumed the collection to be an April Fool's joke, but it should be noted that the tie-in was announced earlier in March.

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