Pokemon: Magikarp Jump Gets a New Update

Magikarp Jump rolled out a new update last night, adding two new Pokemon and various other [...]

Magikarp Jump rolled out a new update last night, adding two new Pokemon and various other improvements to the game. The update also adds four new types of Magikarp and a new League for players to conquer.

Possibly the most important update is the addition of a new Ultra League and a raise in the maximum level cap for both players and their Magikarp. If you grinded your way through the previous leagues, the new Ultra League should provide something to do instead of beating the same Expert League over and over.

The new update also improves the speed of the game by removing some of the downtime between League Battles. You can also now skip event cut scenes to get back to feeding and training your Magikarp in a hurry.

Beating the Ultra League will unlock a new Pro's Old Rod that will allow players to catch four more Magikarp patterns. The new Magikarp all have distinctive forehead patterns and come in white and gray variants.

Mudkip and Eevee were both brought into the game as Support Pokemon, which means that they use their special abilities to help push Magikarp to even greater heights. Mudkip gives out an item once every three hours, while Eevee's special ability guarantees that Magikarp's next training session will earn an "Amazing" effort, resulting in a boosted JP gain.

Mudkip can be earned for free by beating the new Ultra League, while Eevee is available to purchase for 400 Diamonds in the in-game store.

A new Clefairy Doll decoration item can also be purchased in the store for 350 Diamonds, which gives Magikarp a 20% boost in JP earned from other Pokemon's skills.

Two new food types, a Castelia Cone and a Magikarp Biscuit, are also now available for purchase. When fully leveled up, these new food items will make it even easier to get your Magikarp to its maximum level. Two new training exercises, one of which features Magikarp flopping against a sleeping Golem, were also added to the game.

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