Pokemon Reveals First Meltan Plush

Banpresto has given fans their first look at the plush version of the newest Pokemon.Earlier [...]

Banpresto has given fans their first look at the plush version of the newest Pokemon.

Earlier today, Paul Ryan of PokeShopper fame debuted a first look at the plush version of Meltan, the adorable Mythical Pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon Go last fall.

Meltan is a Steel-type Pokemon with a body made of liquid metal and a head made out of a lock nut. Interestingly, Meltan's eye floats in the middle of its lock nut head, but Banpresto found a way around that interesting design feature by having Meltan looking down and to the side.

The Mythical Pokemon first appeared in a mysterious event last fall in Pokemon Go that left many players assuming it was a glitch of some kind. The Pokemon Company announced a short time later that it was actually a new Mythical Pokemon that could only be caught in Pokemon Go.

In order to obtain Meltan, players either need to complete a lengthy series of Special Research tasks or transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Go to the Nintendo Switch games Pokemon: Let's Go to obtain a Mystery Box item. When the Mystery Box is opened, it automatically lures Meltan to the player so they can be encountered and captured in Pokemon Go.

Meltan is a unique Mythical Pokemon not only because it can only be caught in Pokemon Go, but also because it can evolve. By collecting enough Meltan Candies in Pokemon Go, you can evolve Meltan into Melmetal and use it in either Pokemon Go or Pokemon: Let's Go.

As of right now, it's unclear whether the Banpresto plush will be available outside of Japan, or if we'll have to wait for the Pokemon Center website to release its own version of a plush Meltan.