MINI Made a New Pokemon Car

The car company MINI is getting into the Pokemon car business. The BMW brand is showing off its new Aceman concept car at Gamescom this weekend, with the all-electric vehicle having features such as a dashboard projector, LED headlights, and an Experience Mode that greets owners with a burst of color when they get into the car. During Gamescom's Opening Night Live event, MINI revealed that they were partnering with The Pokemon Company International to bring a Pokemon Experience Mode to the car. When drivers enter the car, Pikachu fills the interior with a blast of electricity. Additionally, Pikachu appears on the main screen and has several exclusive interactions. You can check out exactly what MINI's new Aceman collaboration with The Pokemon Company looks like in the video below: 

This isn't the first time that The Pokemon Company has gotten into the car business. Nintendo produced ten official Pikachu-themed VW Beetles during the initial rise of Pokemon that were used for giveaways and prizes in various contests. Several of the "Pikabugs" are still in operation thanks to either careful restoration or through constant maintenance. Several Lugia-themed PT Cruisers were also made for Nintendo, at least one of which is still operational. 

While the MINI/Pokemon collaboration might seem a bit random, it's not very surprising given all the other big partnerships that Pokemon has had with other brands. During the 25th anniversary, Pokemon teamed up with everyone from Levi's to Oreo's to release various Pokemon-branded goods that were a big hit with customers. Currently, The Pokemon Company is teaming up with McDonald's for a new wave of Happy Meals with Pokemon Trading Cards.