New Video Teases Weirder Side of Pokemon

The Pokemon world is a pretty strange place. Putting aside the whole 'capturing wild animals and [...]

The Pokemon world is a pretty strange place. Putting aside the whole "capturing wild animals and having them fight for sport" aspect, the Pokemon games are filled with a weird blend of mysticism, aliens, and science fiction, all lurking just under the surface.

Now, a new video is teasing that we might get a deeper dive into the weirder corners of the Pokemon franchise. The Pokemon Company released a new video on their Japanese YouTube page yesterday that seemed to tease....something connected to all the strange stuff that seemingly gets brought up and then brushed aside without much explanation.

The new video references just about every weird part of the Pokemon universe, from the god-creator Pokemon Arceus to the ancient Unown to the interdimensional Ultra Beasts. Even Mr. Bonding and the weird old man from the Haina Desert in Pokemon Sun and Moon make an appearance. There's also a tie-in website that teases more information next week.

However - this video isn't a tease for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon or another Pokemon spinoff game. The video is tied to an official Japanese Pokemon club that regularly releases goofy videos and websites for fans. The same club previously released that goofy Magnemite video from earlier in the year.

We're guessing this is just a tease for either a Japanese-only merchandise line or some one-off digital manga, but we won't know for sure until next week. So stay tuned, Pokemon fans, and remember that the truth is out there.

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