Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Players Discover Hidden Terastal Secret

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced the new Terastal phenomenon, which adds a unique new wrinkle to battles. The option allows players to change a Pokemon's type, but it seems it actually does more than The Pokemon Company has acknowledged. YouTuber Eve-Pao has discovered that Terastallizing actually provides a boost to moves with a Base Power under 60. This is only the case for moves that match the Pokemon's Tera type. For example, a Fuecoco with a Fire Tera type will have its Ember boosted from a Base Power of 40 to a Base Power of 60 after Terastallizing.

It's worth noting that there are some exceptions to this. Moves that deal multiple hits are exempt, as are moves that factor in elements like a Pokemon's HP, weight, speed, etc. A full list of the exceptions was shared by Serebii and can be found right here. The Tweet from Eve-Pao confirming this detail can be found embedded below.

Knowing this detail could help players with their Terastal strategies! That extra boost could convince some players to keep moves around longer than they otherwise would have, and help them use the Terastal phenomenon to its best potential. Terastallizing is one of the most interesting new changes that Game Freak has implemented in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and it seems a lot of players are still just discovering all of the feature's intricacies.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet released last month on Nintendo Switch. The ninth Pokemon generation has received praise from players for its many changes to the franchise's formula, though the game's many performance issues have led to some frustration. Nintendo has promised that it is "working on improvements," and the latest patch already seems to have made some difference in how the game runs; hopefully, there will be many more improvements to come in the near future! In the meantime, readers can check out all of our previous coverage of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet right here.

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