Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Next 7-Star Raid Revealed

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's next 7-Star Raid has been revealed. Following hot on the tail of this weekend's Decidueye Tera Raid event, The Pokemon Company has announced that Samurott will appear in 7-Star Tera raids in two separate weekend events. The first raid weekend will run from March 31st to April 2nd, while the second raid weekend will take place from April 7th through April 9th. Samurott will have the Bug Tera Type during the event, meaning that it would be strong against Grass-type Pokemon that are usually effective against it, while also likely having at least one move that can cover the Fire-type Pokemon it would usually be weak against during raids. 

These 7-Star raids represent one of the biggest challenges for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players and usually require a level of cooperation and planning between players. Because the 7-Star Raid Pokemon have specific move sets and abilities designed to counteract large ranges of Pokemon, most players revert to a handful of strategies to defeat the Raid Pokemon. For instance, the Decidueye raids typically featured a single Miraidon and three supporting Bellibolt that debuffed Decidueye's Defense stats with Acid Spray so Miraidon could land a one-shot blow early in the raid.

The Samurott raids continues a pattern of the limited time 7-Star Tera raids. Almost all of the 7-Star Tera Raids have featured a Starter Pokemon that has not appeared in the game. Additionally, Samurott follows the appearance of Decidueye, who is also a Starter Pokemon from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. If the pattern holds, a Typhlosion will likely be the next 7-Star Raid boss in late April shortly before Pokemon Home connectivity is added to the game. 

More information about the Samurott raid will likely appear just as the raid event goes live on Friday. We recommend stocking up on TMs and Exp. Candy so that you can quickly equip your Pokemon to defeat Samurott once it goes live next weekend.