Pokemon TCG Reveals Next Card Set

The Pokemon Trading Card Game has revealed its next international set of cards. Today, The Pokemon Company revealed "Paldea Evolved," the second card set for the new Scarlet & Violet series of cards. The set will continue many of the themes and mechanics introduced in the first Scarlet & Violet set (called Scarlet & Violet, which will be released next week), including Pokemon-ex cards, alternate art styles for cards, and new Pokemon from the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games. The new set will focus on the three Starter Pokemon and two of "Treasures of Ruin," secondary Legendary Pokemon found in the game. 

Included in the set are 15 Pokemon-ex cards and three Tera Pokemon-ex cards, which represent Terastallized Pokemon. Tera Pokemon-ex have all the same rules as normal Pokemon-ex cards but don't take damage while on the bench. The Tera Pokemon-ex in this new set include Slowking, Forretress, and Dedenne. 

Also in the set are 36 Illustration Rare Pokemon cards, 18 Ultra Rare Pokemon-ex cards and 8 Ultra Rare Supporter cards, and 15 Special Illustration Rare Pokemon and Supporter cards. Also in the set are nine Hyper Rare Gold etched cards. 

The cards from "Paldea Evolved" come from the Japanese sets Triplet Beat, Clay Burst & Snow Hazard. Triplet Beat is already released in Japan and Clay Burst and Snow Hazard are set to be released in April in Japan. 

Like other Pokemon TCG sets, "Paldea Evolved" will be sold in booster packs and Elite Trainer Boxes. The "Paldea Evolved" Elite Trainer Boxes sold at the online Pokemon Center stores will include two copies of a special Illustration Rare card, one of which has a "Pokemon Center" stamp on it. 

The new set will be released on June 9, 2023. The first Scarlet & Violet card set will be released next week on March 31st.