Pokemon Live-Action TV Series in the Works at Netflix

If you've been hoping to see more live-action Pokemon after Detective Pikachu debuted in theaters [...]

If you've been hoping to see more live-action Pokemon after Detective Pikachu debuted in theaters a couple of years ago, Netflix is making moves to bring the beloved franchise to the real world once again. The streaming giant is currently working on a brand new live-action Pokemon TV series, with Lucifer co-showrunner Joe Henderson slated to write and executive produce.

Variety broke the news of the new Pokemon project, but revealed that the title is in the early development stages, which means that there are no plot or release details available at this time.

This creative collaboration makes sense on several different fronts. Henderson has found great success with Lucifer over at Netflix, delivering multiple seasons after the streamer revived the former FOX series and keeping it immensely popular throughout its run. Now that the series is coming to an end, it appears Henderson has his follow-up project.

Animated Pokemon shows have thrived on Netflix, as the streamer is home to several different titles from the beloved franchise. And let's not forget, Netflix has been in the business of adapting video games as of late. The Witcher (while technically based on the novels) has been one of the streamer's biggest hits. There are currently multiple Resident Evil projects in the works. Netflix is currently working on adapting Assassin's Creed. The streamer has been in desperate need of strong IP for some time now, and it appears to have found what it was looking for in video game adaptations.

The next question on the minds of Pokemon fans everywhere is what direction the new series will take. Will this exist in the world of Detective Pikachu? Or will the series follow a similar format to the animated titles, focusing on Ash Ketchum and his quest to become a Pokemon Master? With all of the different shows and games already in existence, there is no telling where this project will go once it starts production.

All that matters, at least for now, is that we're getting more Pokemon in the future. That's never not going to be awesome news.

Are you excited about a live-action Pokemon project? What story do you think the new Netflix series will follow? Let us know in the comments!