Pokemon Stadium Rumor Points to Classic Pokemon Games Coming to Nintendo Switch

An updated Japanese YouTube video about the Nintendo Switch Online – Nintendo 64 capabilities have fans wondering if some classic Pokemon games will be coming to the Nintendo Switch soon. Last week, Nintendo announced that it would be adding a number of classic Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games to the Nintendo Switch Online service. One notable exclusion from those services are the early Pokemon games, which range from the original Pokemon Red and Blue to the more recent Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. However, some eagle-eyed fans believe that an announcement could soon be on the way due to an unexpected clue. 

Last week, Japan's Nintendo YouTube page updated the video for the Nintendo Switch Online Nintendo 64 services. Fans noted that one particular segment featuring Pokemon Stadium was updated to remove a disclaimer stating that fans could not transfer Pokemon into Pokemon Stadium to use in that game. Fans are wondering if the updated video is a signal that Nintendo could be gearing up to release Pokemon Red and Blue and Pokemon Gold and Silver onto the Nintendo Switch Online and add cross-compatibility with the already existing Pokemon Stadium games included as part of the Nintendo 64 service. We'll note that Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow and Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal are all currently available on the 3DS eShop, which is scheduled to shut down later this year.

If an announcement is coming, it could occur on Pokemon Day, which is coming up on February 27th. No formal Pokemon Presents has been announced yet, but fans are expecting to hear about the future of the Pokemon franchise in 2023 on the anniversary of the franchise's launch. 

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