Pokemon Sword and Shield's Isle of Armor DLC is Live

Pokemon Sword and Shield players can now visit the Isle of Armor for the first time. The [...]

Pokemon Sword and Shield players can now visit the Isle of Armor for the first time. The first-ever DLC expansion for a Pokemon game is now available to play. Players can visit this brand new area, which serves as a second Wild Area, bond with the Legendary Pokemon Kubfu and Urshifu, and capture dozens of returning Pokemon species from past games. Players will need to purchase an expansion pass for their respective Pokemon game and then download and install a software update for Pokemon Sword and Shield to access the new DLC area.

We know that the Isle of Armor is a "scalable" area of the game, meaning that players can access it as soon as they reach the first Wild Area and still be able to enjoy the content. Pokemon in that area will level up along with the players. Players who don't purchase the DLC can still obtain the Pokemon added through it via trading or the Pokemon Home app.

To celebrate the release, Pokemon Sword and Shield will have a special Max Raid Battle featuring the Mythical Pokemon Zeraora live through June 28th. If one million players catch Zeraora, they'll also receive the Shiny version of this Mythical Pokemon. Pokemon Go is also getting in on the action by releasing Galarian Farfetch'd in the wild. Players who capture it can also obtain its evolution Sirfetch'd. Notably - the Kanto version of Farfetch'd is a regional-exclusive Pokemon, so this is a good opportunity to fill your Pokedex if not already available.

We'll have full breakdowns of what the Isle of Armor has to offer later today, so be sure to check out ComicBook.com for more details. Be sure to listen to ComicBook.com's Pokemon podcast A Wild Podcast Has Appeared for more reactions on all of today's big Pokemon announcements.