Pokemon McDonald's Happy Meal Details Leak Online

Leaked promotional images have seemingly confirmed the return of Pokemon cards to McDonald's Happy Meals. After reports that Pokemon-themed Happy Meal toys would be returning to UK McDonald's, additional promotional images have leaked on the Internet revealing more details about the promotion, which will also reportedly take place in Canada. As previously suspected, Happy Meals will come with a Pokemon Trading Card Game booster pack containing four cards, along with a new "Match Battle" spinner toy and a coin featuring one of several Pokemon. There are several different colored spinners and types of coins featuring different Pokemon, with two different Pokemon featured each week. In something of a surprise, Rowlet will join Pikachu in appearing three times as a featured Pokemon, with Victini, Growlithe, Gossifleur, and Smeargle also receiving coins during the promotion. The promotion will run in Canada from August 9 to September 22nd. 

The upcoming McDonald's pokemon happy meal toys from PokemonTCG

Last year's Pokemon-themed Happy Meals were a hit, although the promotion occurred in the middle of a major Pokemon card shortage. Scalpers raided McDonald's for packs of promotional Pokemon cards, leading some McDonald's to imposing limits on how many Happy Meals people could buy at a single time. 

The new promotion comes at an interesting time, as The Pokemon Company is preparing to launch a new pair of Pokemon games - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The new games will introduce both new Pokemon and a brand new region, along with several "firsts" for the game franchise. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be the first truly open-world Pokemon games and will also be the first to feature multiplayer functionality beyond trading and battling Pokemon. However, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet won't release until November, which means that the games won't benefit from the extra attention that comes with getting toys in Happy Meals.