Pokemon Happy Meals Reportedly Returning to McDonald's

McDonald's is reportedly bringing back the incredibly popular and slightly controversial Pokemon Happy Meals. These Happy Meals were released in 2021 and despite the fact these small meals are usually for children, typically packaged with a toy related to a relevant film, video game, or TV series, adults and kids alike went to the popular fast-food chain in droves to buy them. The reason being that they came in what is now a rather valuable Pikachu box and also had packs of four Pokemon trading cards, including a rare McDonald's exclusive card. McDonald's is quite familiar with items that drive hordes of people to scalp new items, such as the Mulan Szechuan Sauce, but McDonald's is going to try again with the Pokemon promotion.

According to NintendoLife, McDonald's restaurants in the UK are preparing to start selling Pokemon Happy Meals. According to anonymous sources, the meal will return to UK stores on August 3rd, 2022. The details of the promotion have yet to be specified, let alone confirmed, but it's expected that the meal will return with more trading cards. As of right now, it's unclear whether or not the Happy Meal will be sold in the United States, but it's hard to imagine the  being limited to the UK after how good it was for business last time around. 

If the cards do return, fans can likely expect a hard limit on how many cards someone can get as McDonald's eventually only gave one card pack per transaction last time around. With the promotion rumored to be coming in the next few weeks, it's likely McDonald's will begin teasing and promoting the return of the Pokemon Happy Meals quite soon. Of course, given this hasn't been confirmed by the beloved fast food chain yet, it should still be treated as a rumor and taken with a grain of french fry salt.


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