Artist Gifts World's Largest Pokemon Card to Logan Paul

Artist Vince Okerman, better known as 'Vexx,' recently created the largest Pokemon card ever, as a [...]

Artist Vince Okerman, better known as "Vexx," recently created the largest Pokemon card ever, as a gift to streamer Logan Paul. Paul is a very big fan of Pokemon cards, having recently dropped $150,000 on a First-Edition, PSA 10, Shadowless Charizard card. In a recent stream, Paul opened up a $200,000 box of First-Edition Pokemon cards, selling off the packs for $11,111 each to raise money for the National Alliance on Mental Illness, then having the contents appraised on-stream. Unfortunately, the contents of Vexx's pack were only worth $735. According to Vexx, this is when he decided he was going to focus on making a Pokemon card of his own, as opposed to buying.

Vexx's video behind his card's creation can be found embedded below.

Vexx's creation weighs in at about 165 pounds. In order to replicate the look of a traditional Pokemon card, Vexx used spray paint for the front and back, then hand-painted the rest of the details. In a subtle change, the card back actually reads "Pokemav," as a tribute to Paul's Maverick logo. The front of the card also features a number of details specific to Logan Paul, with Charizard being front-and-center. The entire project took about a month from planning to finished product.

At the end of Vexx's video, we can see Logan Paul opening the gift. Clearly, Paul seems to be touched by the oversized gift, and it will probably end up being a very cool display piece. According to Vexx, shipping alone for the card cost about $2400, and that doesn't even account for the costs of the materials!

All in all, Vexx's piece is an amazing tribute to Logan Paul, and to the Pokemon franchise as a whole. While Vexx's initial $11,111 went to a great cause, the money spent is a testament to how difficult Pokemon card collecting can be. It can be quite exciting pulling a rare card from a First-Edition Base Set Booster, or from one of the more recent "God packs," but fans might want to think before dropping too much money. In Vexx's case, it did lead to some unique inspiration, at the very least!

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