Pokemon Card Collector Discovers One-of-a-Kind Vintage Pokemon Booster Pack Box on Stream

A Pokemon card YouTuber discovered a one-of-a-kind booster box earlier this year, resulting in an [...]

A Pokemon card YouTuber discovered a one-of-a-kind booster box earlier this year, resulting in an astronomically rare find. Earlier this month, the Pokemon card YouTuber SuperDuperDani posted a video discussing a Neo Discovery booster card box she recently opened that had a holofoil card in every single card pack. Typical card boxes of that era have 12-13 booster packs with holofoil cards, with "error boxes" containing a few more holofoil boosters. As the Neo Discovery card set contained 17 different holofoil cards out of a possible 36 rare cards, the chances of a booster box containing 36 holofoil cards is approximately 0.0000000002%. SuperDuperDani broke open the box during a livestream and even destroyed a common card on stream to prove that the box (which was still sealed in its Wizards of the Coast plastic wrap when purchased) wasn't a counterfeit box.

SuperDuperDani referred to the booster pack box as a "god box," a reference to "god packs" that contain only rare cards in them. While we know that The Pokemon Company deliberates inserts "god packs" in modern Japanese Pokemon card sets, it's still unclear how this booster box came to have only holofoil cards in each pack. The assembly of a booster pack of cards is a surprisingly complicated one, as machines gather cards of different rarity and then put them into a pack. As each rarity of cards are printed on their own sheet - it seems most likely that several sheets of holofoil cards were placed into the cutting and sorting assembly line in a row, resulting in the box's formation.

In her video, SuperDuperDani and several other veteran vintage Pokemon card collectors also discuss the possibility that this was a deliberate manufacturing choice - such as someone working the machine trying to make a box containing only holofoils, or if this was caused due a discrepancy in card stock that resulted in the extra holofoil card packs getting placed in a box.

Whatever the reason, it's very likely that Pokemon card fans will never find another unopened vintage booster card box like this ever again. Be sure to check out the video above to get a full idea of just how rare this find was.