Pokimane Impresses Fans With a 2021 Room Tour

Most Twitch streamers have their lives on display for all to see by default anytime they’re [...]

Most Twitch streamers have their lives on display for all to see by default anytime they're streaming, but Twitch streamer Imane "Pokimane" Anys recently gave viewers an even better look at her life through a room tour. The annual walkthrough of her living space went well beyond her gaming setup and the room where she usually streams and encompassed everything else, too, right down to her cat's hangout spot. The tour left people impressed, but not too surprised, at how clean and aesthetically pleasing her room was.

Pokimane's room tour can be seen below and naturally starts with a look at her PC setup. Streamers typically have commands instated on their channels to immediately share the info about PC specs and accessories used, but Pokimane walked people through the setup anyway. Photos of her cat, convenient objects to keep within reach, and of course the keyboard, headset, and other devices she uses were included in this part of the tour. She also gave out some ergonomic advice which is probably something anyone who spends long hours at a computer needs.

Beyond the gaming setup, other things like Pokimane-themed banners, Twitch gear, gaming consoles, and a fancy trashcan were shown off before the streamer moved onto her non-streaming area of her room. A big vanity and its contents, decorations on walls and shelves, and other parts of the room were shown. Cat furniture and accessories like beds and scratching posts were seen pretty much throughout the entirety of the room tour.

The walkthrough went outside of Pokimane's main living quarters, too, and showed off a balcony brimming with different kinds of plants. A cat tree and a hammock for her cat were stationed out on the balcony alongside one of those big egg-shaped hanging chairs.

The streamer's done a room tour in the past, so these are a bit of a tradition now, but it's not something that happens often. Due to security concerns, the streamer said she tries not to show off too much of this part of her personal life until she's prepared to move. This means that this technically isn't her room any more since she's moved, but it's the space people watched her stream in for a long time.

"I try not to showcase too much just for security purposes until I'm about to move, and then that's when I do my room tour," Pokimane said.

Perhaps we'll get another room tour next year if the trend continues, or if not, we'll likely get one when it's time to move again.