Pokimane Reaches Incredible Milestone on Twitch and Shares Hope for the Future

Imane 'Pokimane' Anys has been one of the biggest streamers on Twitch for quite some time, but [...]

Imane "Pokimane" Anys has been one of the biggest streamers on Twitch for quite some time, but recently, she's taken that success to an entirely new level. In recent days, Pokimane has been able to now surpass eight million followers in total on Twitch, which is a number than only a handful of other streamers have been able to reach. In the process, "Poki" has gone on to share her hopes for what she wants her channel to be in the future.

Pokimane happened to be streaming the moment in which she reached 8 million followers on Twitch and immediately began screaming with excitement. After calming down, she happily thanked her audience for their continued support over the years. "We have really been through so much. It's insane," she expressed. Pokimane then went on to reflect on her career and the number of games that she has streamed on Twitch over the years.

Moving forward, she went on to say that regardless of where she goes in the future with her Twitch career, she's just happy to have met so many people through her channel. "I genuinely feel like, no matter what the future holds, I've made some lifelong internet friends and I hope that I can continue being a force of positivity for you guys," she said. When it comes to the future, Poki didn't say that there will be any grand changes to her stream, but instead just continued to thank her fans for coming with her no matter where she goes.

As a whole, this new follower count for Pokimane on Twitch makes her the platform's sixth most-followed streamer. While she's already the biggest female streamer on Twitch by a large margin, she now only trailers behind Shroud, Rubius, Tfue, Ninja, and AuronPlay. As time goes on, however, there's a good chance that she could start to catch many of these that are out in front of her.

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