Prey Fixes Its Save-Corrupting Bug And Other Serious Issues In A New Patch

As is often seems to be the case with Bethesda-published games, Prey came accompanied with a [...]

(Photo: Bethesda)

As is often seems to be the case with Bethesda-published games, Prey came accompanied with a fairly long list of bugs and technical issues when it launched earlier this month. Some of these bugs were the friendly kind, letting people craft infinite ammo and health and beat the game in under 20 minutes. Unfortunately, the game also came with less-pleasant issues, including a nasty save-corrupting bug.

Well, Prey developer Arkane Studios have released a new PC patch that solves most of the game's post pressing problems, including the save file issue. An Xbox One and PS4 version of the patch should arrive next week, and will also fix a PS4-specific issue that caused your character to "drift" slightly even when you weren't touching the analog stick. A Bethesda community manager also confirmed PS4 Pro support is on the way

"Prey currently includes base requirements for PS4 Pro and we're aiming to support additional enhancements with new updates planned for the game. When we have more details and timing on the update to share, we'll let everyone know."

Here's the full list of changes included in Prey update 1.02:

- Fix to prevent Save games from becoming corrupted. Fix also returns corrupted Save games to uncorrupted state. Also addresses some additional crashes on map loads.

- Hacking during the Power Plant reboot no longer causes the reboot to fail to complete.

- Fix to prevent the Player from becoming stuck in certain circumstances.

- Nightmares will now always search for the player once spawned.

- Saving and Loading PC settings will now save correctly for users with special characters in their Windows usernames.

- Numerous fixes to GLOO to prevent breaking and bypassing collision, prevent corpses from passing through walls and floors.

- Updated Recycling to prevent infinite material creation.

- Fix for occasional combat freeze when attacking Phantoms

- Kaspar's objective indicator should no longer disappear.

- Updates to audio mix to adjust volume of music, audio logs, cutscenes.

It's good to see Arkane moving quickly to address player complaints, but it would be even nicer if these issues weren't present to begin with. Prey's glitchy state is particularly vexing, as Arkane specifically promised they were working hard on delivering an issue-free launch.

You can check out WWG's full review of Prey, right here.

[via PlayStation LifeStyle]