PS5 and Next Xbox Won't Have Cross-Play As Its "Defining" Feature, According to Dev

Next generation talk continues to be a hot topic with even publishers themselves discussing what's next on the gaming horizon. With both the PlayStation 5 and the codenamed Xbox Scarlet looming closer and closer, developers continue to discuss what's next for console gamers.

With cross-platform play gaining more and more traction, it's understandable that so many eyes would be on this feature for the next Xbox and PlayStation 5. According to Juggler Games' Lukasz Janczukco, the ability to play across platforms might not be as big as a focus as some might think.

"We hope that both Sony and Microsoft will continue the support for indie game developers because we still have a lot of stories to tell and we would like to share them also with console players," said Janczukco when speaking with GamingBolt. As far as cross-play itself goes, "For sure there are games and genres that will benefit from this solution. It will make easier for communities to share fun and experience. However cross platform in my opinion won't work universally for all the games so it's hard for me to believe that it will be defining feature."

From previous leaks we've also learned that Sony is considering backwards compatibility for its next console, as well as some incredible fan-made concept art. You can learn even more about what the next wave of platforms will potentially offer with our Community Hub right here.


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