PS5 Hands-on Reveals New Gameplay Footage

To continue building hype for PlayStation 5, Sony has given members of the gaming media in Japan some hands-on time with the upcoming console. While the impressions might not give PlayStation fans some of the answers they've been seeking about the system, they have provided some tantalizing glimpses of the future of gaming, including software load times, and images of the hardware. They have also provided new gameplay footage, notably from the pack-in title Astro's Playroom. Famitsu has released new footage from its time with the game, which can be found in the video at the top of this page. While Astro's Playroom might not be the most highly-anticipated launch title, the video should give a better impression of what the PS5 can do!

A 3D platformer, Astro's Playroom puts players in the role of an adorable robot. The game's hub world is adorned with PlayStation logos and iconography, but the levels seem to take some cues from a Nintendo classic: Super Mario 64. As the droid dives down a slide collecting coins, it seems quite reminiscent of Mario's 1996 adventure. However, the transitions from the hub world to the individual levels look very next-gen; they're every bit as seamless as we've seen in the trailers for PS5 games like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

The most noticeable thing in the gameplay footage might just be how vibrant the world of Astro's Playroom seems. Each world showcased in the trailer features stunning colors, from the locales themselves, to the creatures that inhabit them. While the jump in graphics from the PS4 to the PS5 will not be as significant as previous console generations, it's clear that there's still some impressive visuals to be found in the next generation of gaming. The game should look particularly good in 4K!

All in all, Astro's Playroom seems like a promising new title! While games like Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart are some of the most anticipated launch titles for PS5, Astro's Playroom certainly looks like it could end up being a surprising showcase for the PS5 hardware. Whether or not it will be a strong standalone game, or a fun distraction, remains to be seen.


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