PS5 Video Shows Console's Incredibly Fast Loading Times

The next console generation is set to begin next month, and it seems that there will be a big [...]

The next console generation is set to begin next month, and it seems that there will be a big focus on loading times. The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X will take load times to a point that they have never been before. This fact has been showcased by members of the gaming media that have now gotten their hands on the consoles. A video of the PS5 running Godfall has been shared on Twitter by @VideoTech_, and it shows the game booting up at a speed that would have been impossible during this console generation! The video can be found below.

Sony has talked a lot about the PS5's load times over the last few months, but it's a different thing entirely seeing it in action! It remains to be seen whether or not Godfall's loading time will be the standard, but this is a very good omen for those that are planning on buying the console. It's certainly a big change for those that have been gaming since the original PlayStation!

It will be interesting to see what impact load times have on console sales throughout this generation. Previous console generations have placed a larger focus on graphics, but the leap between the PS4 and the PS5 is less significant. Games like Marvel's Spider-Man are getting a noticeable boost from the PS5 hardware, but it's certainly a smaller jump than the one between PS3 and PS4; casual audiences likely won't see much of a difference. Loading times, however, are much more noticeable, and it's clear that both Sony and Microsoft will use that visual in an attempt to "wow" audiences.

As the PlayStation 5's November 12th release date approaches, it seems likely that more videos such as these will be released online. Fortunately, fans don't have much longer to wait to see how the system performs for themselves!

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