PS5 IRL Images Reveal Our Best Look at Console and DualSense Controller Yet

Members of the gaming media have gotten a chance to go hands-on with the PlayStation 5 hardware, and it's giving fans their best look yet at the console and its controller. While the system's design was revealed by Sony earlier this year, there's a significant difference between official images released by a company, and in-person images shared by unofficial outlets. The latter tends to give potential buyers a better impression of the product they will see on launch day. Website has posted new images of the console and the DualSense, which can be found in the Tweets embedded below.

It's interesting to see how the DualSense controller lights up in different controllers. From the images, it looks like it will be a very subtle effect, but it could be more prevalent in certain lighting conditions. The DualSense controller apparently displays a differently colored light when there are multiple players (one color for Player One, a different for Player Two, etc.).

The images give a sense of the size of the PS5, as well. The system is easily Sony's biggest ever, and the fourth image in the top Tweet gives an idea of just how big it will be. While size likely won't have an impact on anyone's decision whether or not to buy the system, it should give gamers an idea of how much room they'll have to carve out on their entertainment stand when the system launches. For some gamers, it seems likely that other consoles and hardware might have to be relocated to different rooms!

With less than a month to go until the PS5 hits stores, fans can expect to see more in-depth looks at the console and its abilities. The media hands-on has also provided new videos of the console, showing just how quickly games will load on PS5. It's a noticeable difference compared to current-gen hardware! Of course, PlayStation fans will get the opportunity to experience all of these things and more when the PS5 releases on November 12th. For now, though, these glimpses such as these make the wait just a little bit easier!

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