PS5 Store Update Adds Overdue Feature

The PlayStation Store featured on the PlayStation 5 just recently got an update to add a new [...]

The PlayStation Store featured on the PlayStation 5 just recently got an update to add a new feature that makes so much sense that you'll swear it's been there since launch. The feature in question is a "Deals" section – something you'd imagine any digital storefront would have – and it's been added right to the main menus of the PlayStation 5's store. This means that when you're shopping for something new on the console itself, you can now easily check what's discounted and how long it'll be on sale for without having to go into the mobile app or the store's actual website.

You can see what the new "Deals" option in the store looks like below so that you know where to find it, but it's pretty self-explanatory from there. It's located between the "Collections" and "Subscriptions" options within the PlayStation Store if you're playing on the PlayStation 5. It fits in so nicely that it looks like it should've been there all along, though if you ask people who noticed its absence since the console launched months ago, they'll agree with the sentiment since they've been saying since the beginning that it should've been part of the store.

PlayStation 5 Store Update Deals
(Photo: Sony)

The Deals section currently features savings on remastered and retro games as well as a bunch of games that have been marked down to under $20. Fortunately for those shopping through this store, it says how long the deals last, a detail that you'd expect to be present everywhere but has surprisingly been absent in a lot of other stores. The Deals tab will cycle out the sales mentioned above as they come and go, it looks like the highlighted discounts for PlayStation Plus users will likely be a pretty standard part of the page.

There's no telling why this sort of basic feature took so long to add to the store, but it's there now, so it's a convenient tool to use from now on. The PlayStation 5's store is a bit different from the one on the PlayStation 4 in the sense that it's built into the console's dashboard instead of being a standalone app that has to be opened every time you want to shop, so perhaps that functionality created a snag that delayed the Deals tab's release. While it's not an essential part of the store since the marketplace survived without it since launch, it's a helpful function for shoppers to have access.