Nintendo eShop Update Adds Helpful Sales Feature

The latest update for the Nintendo eShop has added a helpful new feature that’ll assist Nintendo Switch owners with their purchases when they’re browsing the marketplace. Like other platforms, the Nintendo Switch frequently plays host to sales on different games, but it’s not always easy to see when those sales are going to end. That’s changed now that the latest Nintendo eShop update makes it so that games will display a notification of how long the discounts for the game will last before they go back to full price.

As spotted by Nintendo Life and users who shared news of the Nintendo eShop update on social media, the new feature applies to a number of different sections in the marketplace. Whether you’re browsing games through the “Great Deals” or “Current Offers” section or are looking at the main store page, you’ll see text under a game’s tile that says how many days are remaining before the sale on the game ends. This option was available previously to Nintendo eShop browsers, but you had to go to the game’s page itself to see when the sales would wrap up.

It’s not a major update for the Nintendo eShop, but it’s a helpful one that’ll make it easier to browse games. It’s joined by an even more helpful feature that may end up saving people some money when they’re looking for a new game. The digital storefront now allows users to cancel their pre-orders made in the Nintendo eShop as long as you do so within a certain timeframe. Pre-orders would previously process payments and complete the transactions at the time that you submitted the pre-order request, but the settlement date will now take place seven days before the game is scheduled to be released.

This pre-order policy is in effect as of September 1st which appears to be the time when the updated display of sales information was applied as well.

Nintendo just recently wrapped up its sale on multiplayer games with some new deals coming in to take that sale’s place. 2K is currently holding a publisher sale right now across different platforms, Nintendo Switch included. This means that games from the WWE 2K, Bioshock, and Borderlands franchises are currently being discounted from now until September 11th. You can head into the Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch to check out those sales and see the new sales notification feature working there.