PS5 Restock at GameStop Happening In-Store This Week

A new in-store restock of the PlayStation 5 has been confirmed to be happening later this week at GameStop. Although this restock won't be transpiring at every GameStop location in the United States, those in select major cities will have a chance to walk right into the store and buy Sony's console right off of the shelf, assuming you're quick enough. Unfortunately, if you're someone who is looking to do this for yourself, you might have to fork over a bit more money than normal in order to snag the PS5 in the first place. 

Announced by GameStop itself today, the video game retailer revealed that this new purchasing opportunity for the PlayStation 5 is set to occur this Friday on October 29. As a whole, GameStop says that it will have "limited quantities" of both the standard and digital edition of the PS5 available at locations in Seattle, San Francisco, Raleigh, Detroit, and Philadelphia. And while that list of cities isn't extensive by any means, there's at least a fair amount of geographical variety with where the restocks are happening. 

As mentioned, the one downside about this PS5 restock, however, is that GameStop has specified that it is only selling these consoles as part of a larger bundle. If you're not sure about what this means, essentially, in order to snag the PS5 you'll have to pay a larger sum of money that will likely include various additional items such as a DualSense controller, a game for the PS5, and perhaps even a subscription to PlayStation Plus. GameStop sells the PS5 in this manner simply because it allows the company to generate more revenue. Given how hard the console still is to find, many customers are often more than willing to pay a higher price simply to acquire a PS5. 

The good news with this situation in a general sense, though, is that in-store restocks at GameStop have become more common over the past few weeks. And while it's hard to know how consistent they'll continue to be, perhaps a restock like this will occur in your own hometown in the near future. 

Are you planning to try and take advantage of this new PS5 Restock at GameStop for yourself? And what do you think about the growing trend of selling more consoles directly in retail stores rather than selling the full stock online? Let me know either down in the comments or on Twitter at @MooreMan12.