P.T. Modder Explores Streets of Silent Hill Map

The P.T. demo that became a cult sensation after its short-lived time on the PlayStation 4 [...]

The P.T. demo that became a cult sensation after its short-lived time on the PlayStation 4 continues to offer surprises. Modder and cut content explorer Lance McDonald dug into the P.T. demo once again in a new video shared this week that shows the player breaking out of the bounds of the spooky house players start in to explore the streets of the Silent Hill map that surrounded it. It's the first time that such locations have been explored, and they only add to the creepiness of the demo.

McDonald's exploratory video can be seen above as the player explains the process of getting out of the house and onto the streets of Silent Hill. By manipulating the game's files, McDonald was able to start at the end of the demo where players exit the door and a cinematic would normally play. The player falls right through the ground though since it's not an area that's meant to be traversed, but it was noted that the developers creatively added a way to reset players even if that were to happen.

Lisa, the frightening specter who follows players around, is there to help with that. That's the only jump scare that's in the video though, so if you're anxiously waiting for another scare, you've got nothing to worry about after that scene.

After fiddling around with the files a bit more to make the in-game character float and avoid the ground, McDonald was able to freely explore the streets. The blood trail seen at the end of the cinematic eventually leads to a pool of blood with open streets in front of it. Even though players were never meant to access this part of the game, McDonald noted the attention to detail which was given to the environment. Cars and other objects are strewn about the road and in parking lots, and even extras like potted plants can be seen sitting on balconies and stairs.

It's almost painful to see what's out there since the Silent Hill game apparently isn't going to happen despite how popular the demo was, but Silent Hill fans can always hold out for a "never say never" situation here.

McDonald has worked on P.T. in the past to reveal other creepy parts about the game like that the ghoulish character who's spotted around the house is actually behind players at all times.