PUBG Mobile Crossover Adds The Boys Season 3 Content

PUBG Mobile continues its series of pop culture crossovers later this week by adding new content from the third season of Amazon's The Boys. This collaboration between the mobile battle royale and the show about irreverent superheroes will begin on June 3rd whenever some cosmetics from The Boys are added to PUBG Mobile with an in-game event commencing just a couple of days later on June 8th. The event was announced alongside a trailer showing off some of the gear players can look forward to as well.

That trailer can be seen below, and while it's mostly cinematic in nature as opposed to showing off gameplay, we get a couple of teases about what's to come. The description of the trailer spells out the cosmetics to come a bit more plainly by listing a couple of superhero suits that'll be added to PUBG Mobile. There is some discrepancy between the release dates provided in the press release and in the YouTube description, however. The press release says the Supe Spree event begins on June 8th while the video says it begins on June 5th (Update: a PUBG Mobile representative confirmed that the Supe Spree event begins on June 8th).

"Get ready for some diabolical fun as The Boys are coming to PUBG MOBILE!" a preview of this new content said. "Starting on June 3rd in celebration of the season 3 premiere on Prime Video, players will be able to grab a number of exclusive collaboration items, including the iconic super suits of Homelander, Starlight and Soldier Boy, as well as weapon skins, backpacks, a unique Supes parachute and much more. Then participate in the Supe Spree event on June 5th and join The Boys infamous antihero, Billy Butcher, to build your own investigation squad and search for evidence of supe wrongdoings."

In the announcement, Krafton provided more details on this Supe Spree event and said players would have to work with Billy Butcher to investigate mysterious murders happening in New York. To solve the challenges, players have to work either with characters from The Boys or in-game friends. Only by solving these cases will players be able to acquire the Billy Butcher cosmetics.

PUBG Mobile's crossover with The Boys begins on June 3rd and continues later in the week.