PUBG: New State Reaches New Milestone, Releases Teaser Trailer

PUBG: New State now has amassed over 20 million pre-registrations from mobile gamers looking [...]

PUBG: New State now has amassed over 20 million pre-registrations from mobile gamers looking forward to the game, an impressive figure considering the game was only announced just a few months ago. The announcement of this milestone came alongside news that the game would soon open its pre-orders up on Apple's App Store, too, with it only being available through Google Play since it was announced. To celebrate both of those announcements, Krafton also released a launch teaser which hopefully means that the game itself isn't too far off from releasing for mobile devices.

Pre-registrations for the game are like pre-orders for mobile titles in that they show people's interest in the game, so 20 million isn't a bad number to tout at all, especially if it's only been available on one of the two mobile platforms for the past few months. For those who want to pre-order the game through the App Store, you'll be able to do that starting in August, Krafton said.

Like most mobile games, Krafton is incentivizing its PUBG: New State fans to pre-register for the game by offering a reward for signing up. You get at "Limited Vehicle Skin" for pre-registering which appears to be related to the white vehicle shown in the teaser trailer for the game's launch. You can wait and pre-register the day before the game releases to get that bonus and still qualify, but if you want to go ahead and take care of that, you can do so here. The signups say players can expect "exclusive benefits," emphasis on the plural, so it sounds like more might be offered as we get closer to launch.

The teaser trailer for that launch can be seen below. It shows about 45 seconds of stylized action from the game, but it's not actual gameplay, so keep that in mind when managing your expectations.

PUBG: New State is releasing for mobile platforms but does not yet have a set release date.