PUBG Brings Ranked Mode to Live Servers

After previewing its ranked mode multiple times and first adding it to the test servers for players to preview, PUBG Corp. has now added PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ ranked mode to the live servers on the PC platform. The release of the ranked mode comes just one week after it was added to the test servers once a competitive ruleset had been decided on, so every PC player is now able to take part. For those playing on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, PUBG Corp. said it’d be rolling out the ranked mode to those platforms starting on May 26th.

Hop into a PUBG game now on the PC and you’ll find that there’s a “Ranked” option within the “Play” menu. These games consist of 64 players with no bots included, and they’re playable in either first-person or third-person modes. There are also restrictions in place regarding what types of teams can be created to make sure that high-level players aren’t playing with low-level ones, so don’t expect to be getting boosted up in the ranks too easily.

Other rules such as penalties for leaving are also in place to maintain competitive integrity. Aside from those guidelines, there’s also a specific ruleset for gameplay that’s been created just for the ranked mode.

That ruleset can be found below with details about more loot and where these ranked games will be played. You’ll notice that Vikendi, the map which was taken out of the rotation before being reworked and brought back in Season 7, is not included in the ranked playlists, likely because it’s still so new and players aren’t as used to it as other maps.


Ranked Mode Ruleset

  • Ranked mode games will be randomly played on Erangel, Miramar, or Sanhok.
  • Ranked mode will operate under its own game settings.
  • Unique Season 7 Ranked settings include:
    • Overall increase in item loot spawns
    • No Crossbow spawns
    • Red zone has been removed
    • Motor glider has been removed
    • The timing and speed of the Blue Zone has been adjusted to increase the pace of play

The ranked mode is now live on PC servers, so expect it to come to the console platforms next week.