PUBG Adds Ranked Mode In New Update

The latest PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update has arrived on the battle royale game’s test servers to introduce a ranked mode where players can climb through tiers to set themselves apart from their competitors. The release of this 7.2 update on the test serves that added the ranked mode follows several tests where PUBG Corp. explored ranked rulesets to see what perimeters for the mode made sense for the players who wanted to be more competitive but weren’t quite at the level of the esports pros. Rules for ranked include the removal of a few different features as well as some restrictions on matchmaking to make sure players experience fair matches.

PUBG’s new ranked mode was outlined in the patch notes for Update 7.2 that’s now live on the test servers for players to preview before it rolls out to everyone. Before ever hopping into a ranked match, you’ll need to choose either third-person or first-person and then how large your squad will be. Players must also meet requirements such as a Survival Mastery level of at least 20 and must be grouped into squads where teammates aren’t more than 10 divisions apart form one another.

There are also penalties in place to prevent players from quitting too many matches, so once you’re in a game of PUBG’s ranked mode, expect to play it out.

As for the features that have been changed, PUBG players can expect to find more loot in the ranked mode so that they get better equipped early on and players can get into fights quickly instead of hunting for loot for too long. That change and more are outlined below in the list of ranked rules.


Ranked Mode Ruleset

  • Ranked mode games will be randomly played on Erangel, Miramar, or Sanhok.
  • Ranked mode will operate under its own game settings.
  • Unique Season 7 Ranked settings include:
    • Overall increase in item loot spawns
    • No Crossbow spawns
    • Red zone has been removed
    • Motor glider has been removed
    • The timing and speed of the Blue Zone has been adjusted to increase the pace of play
  • Exact settings are subject to adjustment throughout the season and especially at the start of new seasons.

PUBG’s ranked mode is now available for testing ahead of its live release.

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