PUBG Update Adds New Map, Features

A new PUBG: Battlegrounds update has landed on the game's test servers, and in case you haven't been keeping an eye on the latest talks from the developers, you should know that means there's a new map to play on, too. That map is Deston, and it's available to play for the first time so long as you have access to the game's test servers. It comes with a couple of new features currently exclusive to that map as well with the map itself scheduled to release on live servers on 12th for PC users with consoles getting it around a week later on July 20th.

Deston is an 8x8 map which means it'll be the same size as Miramar and Taego for players familiar with those two maps. You may have also heard it referred to as Codename: Kiki before it was officially named Deston.

For those looking to learn more about the new map, the PUBG team shared a set of patch notes talking about some of its highlighted points of interest, but you can find the core details pertaining to the map below.

Deston Details

  • Available as a Featured Map.
  • Playable in TPP and FPP.
  • Solo, Duos, Squads (including 1-Man Squads) available.
  • Available modes may vary per region.
  • Available in Custom Matches and Sandbox Mode (PC).
  • Bots may spawn in Deston.
  • Available vehicles: Pickup, Dacia, Coupe RB, Motorbike, Dirt Bike, Roadster Motorcycle, Quad, Buggy, Boat, Aquarail, and Airboat.
  • The Flare Gun, DP-28, S12K, G36C, QBU, QBZ, K2, Sticky Bomb, Mortar, Lynx AMR, 15x Scope will NOT spawn in Deston.

A couple of new features are also exclusively available on Deston. The map has a new traversal tool called the Ascender, for example, which allows players the chance to quickly scale Deston's urban environments. Considering how areas like Ripton are dense with buildings, using these Ascenders allow players to move up and down buildings and get to a better position. There will also be cell towers added to the map which allow players to launch themselves off of the structure after ascending.

With all that aerial activity, players will want to take advantage of their Utility Chute which comes included with every loadout on Deston. This is activated automatically after a fixed time when using cell towers so that you don't have an unfortunate landing, and it can be used over and over again when jumping off structures.

PUBG's new map is available for testing now.