Rainbow Six Quarantine Seemingly Renamed By Ubisoft

Over the past year, many have pointed out that Ubisoft’s upcoming release of Rainbow Six [...]

Over the past year, many have pointed out that Ubisoft's upcoming release of Rainbow Six Quarantine has become quite an ironic title given how many people around the globe began quarantining due to the pandemic. Well, for one reason or another, Ubisoft seems to have now gotten not so keen on that name and is apparently going to be changing it quite soon.

In a new leak that has occurred on the PlayStation Store, Ubisoft has pushed out a new pre-launch patch for Rainbow Six Quarantine that seemingly changes the name entirely. Moving forward, Quarantine has been dropped with the new name being Rainbow Six Parasite. Upon further digging, new images containing the game's key art and new logo were also found within this update.

While a name change to Parasite is quite interesting on its own, what's more intriguing is that Ubisoft is even pushing out a pre-release update like this. Even though we shouldn't jump to conclusions, the fact that Ubisoft is even preparing an "initial launch patch" for Rainbow Six Parasite seems to tell us that we could be learning a whole lot more about the game soon.

At this moment, a release date for Parasite hasn't been given by Ubisoft, but the publisher did recently give us a better window of when to expect it. As mentioned in a recent earnings call, Ubisoft said that the game will be out at some point prior to the end of its second quarter of the upcoming fiscal year. This means that at the very latest, it will arrive before the end of September on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

Assuming this name change to Rainbow Six Parasite is official, we should hear confirmation about it from Ubisoft pretty soon. If this does happen, we'll be sure to update you at our coverage hub for the game right here.

So how do you feel about Rainbow Six Parasite as a name? Did you prefer Quarantine instead? Be sure to let me know what you think either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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