Rainbow Six Siege Celebrates Crimson Heist Release with a Free Weekend

Rainbow Six Siege has released its new Operation called Crimson Heist, and with that release comes [...]

Rainbow Six Siege has released its new Operation called Crimson Heist, and with that release comes a new Operator, a reworked Border map, and more for Siege players to adjust to. For those who may have taken a hiatus from Siege and no longer have the game or those who want to try it out on a different platform, Ubisoft is celebrating the launch of Crimson Heist with a free weekend event that's going live soon and will continue for the next couple of days.

While some of the free weekends Siege and other games have are limited to just one platform – typically PC – this one is being extended to all of the platforms that Siege is available on. That means that Xbox, PlayStation, and PC players can all download Siege and play for the weekend starting on March 18th with the offer going on until March 24th.

The full game is included which means you'll have access to all the core parts of Siege that other players have, but you'll of course not have the Operators that other players who've been playing longer might've acquired by now. That includes Flores, the French Operator added with the release of Crimson Heist who's available to purchase for 25,000 Renown or 600 R6 Credits.

All of the maps and the normal Siege modes are included in the free trial, however, which means you'll have access to the revamped Border map that's been released in the latest Operation. We played on the Border map during a pre-release event for Crimson Heist and found that it'll include some new points of interest for players to settle into and strategize around.

"Border has been reworked to improve gameplay and quality of life for players," Ubisoft said about the new Border map. "1F Bathroom has been expanded to provide a soft wall between the 1F Bathroom and 1F Tellers bomb sites, and the 2F Archives bomb site has been extended into 2F Offices. In addition, an interior balcony now connects East Stairs to 2F Break Room, and a new exterior staircase leads to the 2F Archives balcony."

Rainbow Six Siege: Crimson Heist is now live with the free weekend starting on March 18th.