Ubisoft Reveals Rainbow Six Siege: White Noise Operators Gameplay and Starter Tips

In preparation for Year 2 season 4 for the popular online shoot Rainbow Six: Siege, Ubisoft has [...]

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In preparation for Year 2 season 4 for the popular online shoot Rainbow Six: Siege, Ubisoft has slowly but surely trickling in those details. We've had a few sneak peeks at the three new operators coming to the game (Dokkaebi, Vigil, and Zofia), the new map, and more. With the next step taking players to Korea in 'White Noise', and the latest content is set to drop into test servers on November 20th, Ubisoft wanted to give fans a little heads up about what's to come.

"Operation White Noise is taking Rainbow Six Siege to South Korea, where a new map called Tower will test your tolerance for heights and three new Operators - Dokkaebi, Vigil, and Zofia - will put new gadgets into play. We've got some gameplay footage of all three in action as well as tips to help you get started."

The video is short and sweet but does provide hopeful players an inside look at the new map and what new gadgets they can play with.The latest video is actual in-game footage to see how the three new operators work within the scope of a match for interested gamers to see which one fits their style best. With tips and tricks to help FPS fans become more familiar with the upcoming season before launch, it's a neat way to become better acquainted with what's new before the White Noise goes live.

To get players "in the mood" for Mok Myeok Tower, the developing team had this to say to allow players to dive right into the atmosphere:

"At the break of dawn, the city awakens in a haze of untold dreams and routines to follow. Cars flow through the grid, halting now and then at the mercy of traffic. Soft morning light reflects off the windows on modern buildings, all designed to expectation and made tall by collective ambition. Snowflakes flutter down on the bustling metropolis. It's business as usual until day turns into night when the streets take on their second identity and neon colors emerge from stacked billboard ads. A helicopter surveys the area, free from the restraints of the grid, rising above office buildings of tech giants. It finds the highest helipad on the tallest tower. Somewhere inside the tower, a breaching charge detonates.

Descend on Mok Myeok, a staggering communications and observation tower in Seoul, South Korea. The tower brushes the clouds and overlooks the entire cityscape, a marvel of futuristic construction. Inside, traditional Korean architecture meets contemporary style: Tea rooms and lounges furnished in wood and homespun motifs, and bright and sleek modern offices. Art Director Gregory Fromenteau explained, "We are always looking to have contrast in the maps. Modern and old school, the duality of styles."

Unfortunately, Mok Myeok is under attack, the sins of its corrupt CEO being laid bare. You must fight your way through the restaurant, nightclub, art gallery, and offices of the tower's floors."

White Noise will be live in test servers on November 20th, with the full launch in the following week for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.