Rainbow Six Siege Patch Notes Released, Here's What's New

Rainbow Six Siege’s Tachanka may have taken the spotlight this week with the Operator’s rework shown off during a big gameplay reveal, but that’s not the only newsworthy happenings in Siege. An update was also released this week that fixed more than a few issues players have been encountering in the tactical shooter. The patch notes for that update released showed everything that was changed before the update went live for the PC platform, and Ubisoft also shared an update on the console release plans.

Those looking for changes to Operators and maps in Siege may be disappointed by this update. There aren’t any major changes like those to look for, but there are some welcome bug fixes.

In fact, that’s entirely what the update is about. From gameplay problems to solutions for problems affecting individual Operators, it’s all about bugfixes in the latest Siege update. You can see those changes all listed below courtesy of Ubisoft’s patch notes.


  • FIXED - If a deployable shield is placed in a doorway, players are sometimes blocked by the doorframe when trying to vault over it.
  • FIXED – Yellow Pings were not displayed in Replay Mode.
  • FIXED – Only the first Trax Stinger deployed could be targeted by the Smart Ping feature.
  • FIXED – Frost's Welcome Mats becoming invisible when Frost was killed under certain conditions.
  • FIXED – Spas-15 and Bearing-9 reload animations have to be entirely restarted when the reloading was interrupted.
  • FIXED – Missing burn/fire SFX for smaller explosions that accompany an explosion.


  • ZERO
    • FIXED – Missing or incorrect interaction prompts for Zero's Piercing Camera crosshair when aiming at certain map assets/surfaces.
    • FIXED – When aiming through see-through + unbreakable glass, Zero's Argus Launcher does not detect an obstacle.
    • FIXED – Zero's Piercing Camera is not piercing through the destructible floor on the carpet in 2F Gym of Clubhouse.
    • FIXED – The Argus Camera activation SFX can be heard when deployed on an electrified wall.
    • FIXED – The Argus Camera can sometimes pierce through other gadgets on the other side of a wall.
    • FIXED – The Argus Camera cannot pierce through the rug in 1F Great Room.
    • FIXED – When affected by a Breach Charge detonation, Clash’s Shield is automatically placed on her back.
    • FIXED - Speed penalty does not gradually wane after being affected by Clash's CCE shield.
    • FIXED - Fix for an issue with weapon swapping when Clash's CCE shield is deployed.
    • FIXED - Missing fall damage for Nomad when jumping/vaulting from an elevated location (hotfixed on PC on Oct 1st).
  • FUZE
    • FIXED - Fuse SFX for Secondary Hard Breach gadget is too long.


  • FIXED – Various LOD issues on maps.
  • FIXED – Various clipping issues on maps.
    • FIXED – The vault prompt at the stairway railings (1F Fireplace) was inconsistent and difficult to activate on Chalet.
    • FIXED – Vault prompt inconsistencies in stairway railings (1F Gaming Room Hallway and 2F Library Stairs) on Chalet.
    • FIXED – Defenders were able to scan Attackers through trees and rocks from EXT Campfire camera on Chalet.
    • FIXED – Navigation issues due to rock collision in EXT Snowmobiles on Chalet.
    • FIXED – Drones can fall through the map at EXT Front Yard of Chalet.
    • FIXED – Drones can teleport into the shelf at B Storage room on Chalet by forcing collision.
    • FIXED - Low lighting inside the wardrobe of 2F Master Bedroom of Chalet after breaking the doors.
    • FIXED – Throwable gadgets could be thrown through walls above certain windows on Border.
    • FIXED – Yellow Pings do not appear immediately when targeting TVs on Clubhouse.
    • FIXED - Valkyrie cam can be thrown through the wall in 2F Hallway on Coastline.


  • FIXED – Battleye ticker is now fixed. Previous banwaves carried out during the season were not visible due to a bug with the ticker.
  • FIXED – In map ban phase, system always bans the map on the right when there are two maps left.
  • FIXED – Ensuring all maps are properly randomized to show up in the map-ban phase.
  • FIXED - Crashes when using Vulkan (hotfixed on PC on Oct 1st)
  • FIXED – Various shop/cosmetic issues.
  • FIXED – Various HUD/UI issues.
  • FIXED – Reload prompt still appears even when interface preference is disabled.
  • FIXED – Steel Wave Champions charm is very, very pink.
  • FIXED – Players getting expired/older in-game notifications and pop-ups.
  • FIXED – Banned players could hit the “Find another Match” button, causing odd in-game messages.