Rainbow Six Siege Reveals First Look at Tachanka Rework

Ubisoft introduced Rainbow Six Siege players to the reworked version of Tachanka this week to show what the most memed Operator will look like when he comes to the test servers. Tachanka’s keeping his signature weapon that was previously available as a stationary turret, but he’s now able to use it on-the-go. He’s also bringing with him a launcher capable of shooting incendiary rounds to set areas ablaze and deny enemy movements while creating his own routes with his LMG.

Tachanka’s reveal came from a Rainbow Six Siege livestream shared on Thursday after Ubisoft announced its plans to show off the rework this week. Before jumping into live gameplay to show how Tachanka worked against other Operators in his reworked state, the Ubisoft team broke down Tachanka’s new kit and how his new loadout works with and against other Operators.

The most recognizable part of Tachanka’s old kit, his massive turret, has been refitted to be a primary weapon that can be carried around. The DP27 has a damage rating of 48, a fire rate of 550, a mobility rating of 50, and can tear through walls and hatches to create new routes for his teammates.

As good as Tachanka will be at making holes for his teammates to travel through, he’ll also apparently be pretty good at preventing enemies from taking certain paths. He comes equipped with the Shumikha launcher that can hold five incendiary grenades at one time. Those grenades can bounce off walls, and once they explode, the blanket an area in fire. The Rainbow Six Siege team said that one grenade can easily block off an entire window or doorway and that the weapon would be an excellent option against enemies with shields and those who can’t immediately shoot back at Tachanka.

Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka Rework
(Photo: Ubisoft)

The graphic above shared during the stream shows what tools Tachanka will have at his disposal. He can also use the Withstand ability to get himself back up on his own after he’s been downed.

For those who want to try out Tachanka themselves, you’ll be able to starting on Thursday if you’re on the PC platform. He’ll come to the test servers there first and will release for all platforms with the launch of Operation Shadow Legacy.