Rapper/Actor Ice-T Teases Gears of War Announcement This Week

We’ve been speculating on the next chapter of the Gears of War saga for some time now -- but we [...]

Gears of War

We've been speculating on the next chapter of the Gears of War saga for some time now -- but we could very well be hearing about what's coming up sooner rather than later.

And the latest tease comes from none other than rapper/actor Ice-T, who has taken to Twitter with news that a possible Gears of War announcement will be coming from him this week. You can see the tweet in question below.

While some may automatically be saying, "Oh boy, he's going to say something about Gears of War 5, finally!", that isn't necessarily the case. After all, Microsoft probably wouldn't let news about the game slip out this early, especially when the Electronic Entertainment Expo is weeks away.

So what could the news be? Some fans are speculating in his Twitter thread that this could have to do with an appearance at an EsportsGears event, as one appears to be coming up this July. Having him around would certainly give said event some star power, along with the players lined up to compete in said event.

But some over at Resetera believe that the announcement could go in another direction. While the possible new Gears of War game sequel was mentioned, some users believe that this could be a tie-in with the forthcoming Universal Pictures film.

Said film was announced last May, with Avatar writer Shane Salerno on board to handle the screenplay. But we haven't heard anything on it since, and there's a possibility that Ice-T could be involved with that to some capacity. Keep in mind that he was featured in Gears of War 3, so he does have ties to the project.

The superstar isn't talking yet, so your guess is as good as ours. But we'll be keeping an eye on Ice-T's feed to see what he has lined up, and let you know shortly thereafter.

In the meantime, you can check out Gears of War 4 now for Xbox One and Windows PC, in case you're looking to fulfill your Gears fix.