Red Dead Online Update Gives Players Some Easy Rewards

This week’s update for Red Dead Online makes getting the recurring rewards for players about as [...]

This week's update for Red Dead Online makes getting the recurring rewards for players about as easy as it can be. All Rockstar Games tasked players with doing is crafting a couple of items which is something that players would probably do anyway, and if you meet that requirement, you'll get some free items yourself on top of whatever you already made. The game's also offering the usual array of weekly discounts to make players' in-game earnings go a bit further.

While some of the weekly updates we've seen in recent weeks have dealt with specific Roles like the Bounty Hunter or the Moonshiner, this week's update is good news for anyone who needs to have something crafted. All you have to do is craft some stuff at a campfire and at Gus' Store and you'll get free rewards for your troubles.

"Intrepid producers who craft any item at a Campfire will receive 3 Collectibles to trade with Madam Nazar," Rockstar Games said about this week's update. "Meanwhile, crafting anything in Gus' Store this week will bag you a Reward for a Free Hat (below Rank 15) and an Offer good for 50% off any pair of Boots. Purchasing any Pamphlet will also land you a Treasure Map that will surely lead you to a valuable haul."

To make things even easier, players get a free login reward again just for playing. Logging into Red Dead Online between Tuesday and February 1st will net players 5X Gun Oil and 50 Small Game Arrows to add to their inventories.

If you're looking to buy something more than that to help you out on your hunts, some clothing pieces and hunting items are on sale for the week.

"In addition, all clothing items crafted in Gus Macmillan's Store can be acquired at a 40% discount, while dogged game hunters can also take 30% off the cost of Gus' Trinkets and Improved Bow variants," Rockstar Games said about this week's discounts.

Red Dead Online's latest update should now be going out across all platforms with the above discounts and free items included.