Red Dead Online Update Adds New Blood Money Content

Red Dead Online got its big Blood Money update just a few weeks ago, and on Tuesday, another of [...]

Red Dead Online got its big Blood Money update just a few weeks ago, and on Tuesday, another of the game's weekly updates added some more Blood Money-related content. Several new missions have been added for players to take on which all make up "The Dockside Contract" that can be accessed now. That new content comes alongside the expected weekly releases like new bonuses, discounts, and more incentives to play.

Rockstar Games announced the addition of the three new Dockside Contract missions in the game's newswire post, but we don't know from that update alone what all these missions entail beyond a message about getting your hands dirty in Saint Denis.

"Seal your reputation as an ally to the unruly in The Dockside Contract, a set of three new missions available from your local Blood Money contact," Rockstar said about the new missions. "Help tie up some loose ends before hitting a local shipping business where it hurts in Saint Denis. Just be ready to get your hands dirty."

Players were also pointed towards Annesburg to find a ruby known as "The Ember of The East." If you can find the ruby and get it into the right hands before the game's next weekly update drops, you'll get a free Off-Hand Holster as well as an additional reward if you're up for more of a challenge.

"Should you manage to find the Ember and successfully place it in the hands of your employers by August 2, you'll earn a Reward for a free Off-Hand Holster," Rockstar said. "Completing this Opportunity on Ruthless difficulty will also unlock the Annesburg Cap for purchase from Madam Nazar."

As for the bonuses available this week, Rockstar said it's waived all of the fees related to setting up camps, so you're free to call anyplace home that you want to during your travels without having to pay anything extra. Butcher Table cost five fewer Gold Bars, Tailors are offering 40% off all Standard Outfits, and Gunsmiths are offering 30% off all Repeaters this week, too.

Red Dead Online's latest update with its new Blood Money content and more is available now across all platforms.